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Jun. 15th, 2013

corset binding


Baby Beehinds now comes in an Extra Large

For those of us with bigger kids/kids slower to get out of nappies... Baby Beehinds now do an 'extra large' at 15+kg.


Jun. 29th, 2012

corset binding


Just a question...

How many of us have bundles of cloth sitting about?

Enough to nappy a kid, or if used and washed frequently... a few?

I'm currently cooking kiddo number two (still on low heat friends, not for wider discussion!)... at which point I will get some good solid wear out of my barely used (because my son grew out of them too soon) cloth, and then what?  My best friend is the same - cooking her second, with both of us well past our mid 30s we aren't planning on third or fourth kids AT ALL.  So all our beautiful, well cared for, high rotation stash will... well we could sell it for a bit of cash, but while still in very good condition there is so many 'barely used/new but washed once' out there that these are unlikely to be high value sellers...

What to do with them then?

Would people consider something like a lending/renting program similar to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope program?  More importantly would people be willing to donate unused (not new, but no longer used!) cloth nappy supplies to such a program/help promote it/help run it?

Can people see that working here on Oz?  Is there an effective equivalent here in Oz we can donate to?

Apr. 23rd, 2012

corset binding


Cloth Nappy Review

I posted this in my own journal for some friends who'd asked.  Figured I could share here.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

Jul. 10th, 2011

candy spew



 So... darling son has hit the solids (yay!) and in doing so his 'nappy habits' have rapidly changed.

Until now we've been using cotton wool and water to wipe up, and disposables.... I've ordered a sizable stash of cloth and started using the pocket cloth I had... which is working out well.

Quick questions for a 'novice'.

What do other people use for wipes? I want to stick with water if I can - he's reacted to a couple of brands of commercial wipes and I just don't see the point.  Do I cut up an old bedsheet and make that into a couple of dozen wipes? What did others do?

It might be that the little man has a reaction to fleece.  But most nappies are made from fleece and given the sizing issues (long and lean) I'd prefer to stick with a nappy that fits, and deal with the fleece somehow... ideas?

Is there a commercially available barrier cream that is safe for cloth nappies here on Oz?  We've been using Curash and Sudocreme up until now successfully... but not with the cloth nappies.  I don't want overly scented, dripping in essential oils etc - he's got sensitive skin.
Poo.  It's fairly... soft cream consistency now (TMI!)... just scrape it off into the loo yes?  And chuck the nappy in a bucket until it's washing time... 
Finally.  Can you dry in a dryer bamboo inserts? On low or high?  Not environmentally awesome, but it's fnerking cold out here in the bush and while I've ordered a bunch of extra inserts can this be a fall back position?

May. 23rd, 2011

corset binding


Long torso nappies?

Hey folks,

What brands are good for babies with long torsos?  My 3mth son is already in 6mth sized clothing (and some 9mth!) and it's allllll body. His bum crack hangs out the top of huggies nappies for his weight and we've had to go up a size in them already.

Ideally I'll find a cloth brand that fits and can contain the poosplosions and then we can start to cloth nappy... but I'm loathe to buy a bunch of different ones to find out his bum crack continues to show... 

Dec. 14th, 2010

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Mkay newbie advice?

 Hey guys,

I'm after the all round newbie advice... about to have my first and wanting to try to do a combination of disposable and cloth nappies...

My husband is pretty anti-cloth - but I suspect that's because he has no experience and imagines buckets of stinking mess and loads of washing. Given we'll have loads of washing already I don't see this as too much a challenge - especially if we can cut down on the stink factor.

Considerations for me are that we live in the country (where water is VERY tight at times - we collect enough each year to survive well enough, and have intermittent mains backup, but water here isn't to be wasted) - and we travel to the city fortnightly for a few days - so going completely cloth might be an issue just from a laundering perspective.  I can't leave nappies drying on the line while in the city for several days (they'll probably get nicked or blown away - I could dry them in the house though), and I won't have time to wash and dry them in the city before returning to the country (and the thought of bringing back a bucket of poo in the car is unappealing :P).

Baby is likely to be a 'normal size' at the start, and rapidly turn 'long and skinny' if family history on both sides is anything to go by. How does one anticipate these things? Oh and I'm smack in line for a c-section no matter what right now, hoping to have this change but week by week the odds are slipping through my fingers.  So the first few weeks are gonna suck.

So yeah - what are your thoughts on some of the following:
  1. Those first few weeks - is it just 'easier' to go with disposable? I've never changed a nappy in my life! (And don't want to buy a heap of newborn sizes just to need to upgrade a few weeks later)
  2. Hemp vs Bamboo... 
  3. Brand X vs Brand Y - what are the pros and cons of various brands easily available here in Australia/WA? (and maybe some insight as to what shape your baby was to add to these 'good fit' vs 'not so great' comments)
  4. Frequency of change? Let's get real - frequency of the pooey ones... and ease of cleaning?
  5. How to sell my hubby on the idea?
  6. Night vs day - disposable vs cloth (not co-sleeping, but will be sleeping in same room if this helps/adds to decision?)
  7. Don't want to have to use any kind of special soaps or rinses - I use a very specific soap powder - have significant skin allergy conditions so changing this routine around would be an issue. I get contact eczema even from bed sheets (while wearing PJs) washed in something other than BioZet at half recommended use amount!

I am happy to consider second hand - if they are in great condition - am I better getting a variety of ones and seeing what works, or is there a brand or two that works much better than most - so grab a few of each of those and know I've got a good chance of having something that works?  Drying things in the wheatbelt isn't the big issue - it's super dry out here :)

Jan. 19th, 2010

Nana: Hachi/Nobu - hands



Favourite nighttime nappies?

I put my 4.5 month old son down to sleep at midnight, and he wakes up around noon-2. We've been using disposables for overnights because none of our cloth can go anywhere near that long without leaking! I'm really opposed to the idea of waking him up to change him (what can I say, I like my sleep!). Any good recommendations for nighttime nappies or am I stuck using disposables for nights as long as he sleeps so long?

Jan. 3rd, 2010


(no subject)

What are your favourite wetbags and where do you buy them from?

Also, those with 2 in cloth when you go out what size wetbag do you take? We use prefolds and covers. Thanks!

Nov. 4th, 2009



A little off topic...

But I don't know where else to go! There doesn't seem to be many Aussie centric maternity/baby comms and I have an Aussie specific question. If anyone knows a more appropriate place to post this - then pretty please let me know?

I'm wanting to ask about private vs public health care for having kids.

My partner and I are planning on 'starting' in a few months - and he wants private "just in case", I want public "Because if it all goes to shit then it'll wind up in KEMH anyway" and because I believe intrinsically in a public health system.

I also don't think I'll make full use of the 'private' extras.   I'll be living about 2hrs due east of Perth in a small country town for most of the pregnancy, and whilst the town has a "multi service hospital" unfortunately they multi service to the aging end, not the young one. So I'll have to go to Perth to give birth. I'm likely to want to return home to the country town not long after (although we also have a house in Perth where I'll be staying on / off whenever I feel like it)

What do you guys think? Private or public? And what were your experiences (if you don't mind me asking)? What gets covered by whom etc? What is the extra you get for private?

Oct. 27th, 2009



(no subject)

I'm currently away from home and looking for nappy friendly detergent. Could anyone tell me whether these ingredients (Green care - Ultra concentrate with baking soda) are suitable?

Plant derived surfactants to lift dirt (sodium lauryl ether sulphate, sodium oleate, non-ionic surfactant), Water softener (sodium citrate), Fragrance, Dye and Preservative

Thanks so much.

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